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angel parts needed - shellcraft lessons

Supplies needed:
(left to right, top to bottom)

1. Chenille bumps 
2. Japanese scallop #594-L
page 10
3. Bead wire@10"
supplies page 1
4. 24G wire @ 4"
supplies page 4
5. Irish flat scallop 055
page 10
6. Ribbon
7. Lace, trim not in catalog
8. Angel head and arms
supplies page 1
9. Ribbon Roses 5/8"
supplies page 4
10. Angel wings not in catalog

Step 1:

1. Glue scallops back to back
2. Glue bust to top center of scallops
3. Double chenille bumps and twist the ends together
4. Glue twisted end into arms
5. Beginning at wrist glue narrow lace to cover bump
(glue only the straight part of lace leaving ruffle to overlap each glued section)

free shellcraft lessons - step 1

angel lessons - step 2 Step 2:

1. Glue both arms to shoulders
(place at base of bust covering scallops ears)
2. Glue wide lace to edge of shell starting and ending at the shoulders


Step 3:

1. Use short strips of lace
2. Glue to front of scallop and cover shoulder and bust and glue to back of scallop

free lessons angel craft


angel wings lesson step 4

Step 4:

1. Twist wire to form hanger
2. Glue bead wire (@10 beads) into circle then on top of head
3. Glue wings on back
4. Glue wire hanger to back of wings
5. Glue a small piece of lace to cover wire


Step 5:

1. Cut two strips of bead wire (18 pearls each)
2. Fold in half and twist together ends to form tear shape
3. Glue twisted end in back of angel but in front of wings.
(should be glued around the same place as the glue for the wings)
4. Decorate with more lace, ribbon, roses of whatever you desire.

Heavenly Angel


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